My journey to becoming a hair stylist started at a very early age. My father Michael Eilerman was a professional barber and owned a successful barber shop in Lima, Ohio. As a little girl my dad would take me to his shop where I would play in the barber chairs and help him sweep up hair. Taking after my father my brother also became a barber, in addition to four of my aunts being hair stylists. Growing up around the hair industry has had an extraordinary influence on me.
At the age of 16 I decided to embark upon my cosmetology career. Before graduating high school I had received my license and had begun working at a local salon. The desire for more education and training eventually led me to Columbus where in 2002 I was hired on at one of the areas top salons. The birth of my first child motivated me to venture out on my own; and in 2008 I was able to establish my current business.
Running my own salon has been a tremendously rewarding experience. I am always happy meeting new people and working with them to ensure that they leave loving their hair. Over the past decade I have been able to develop some amazing relationships with people from all over central Ohio. I am extremely thankful for the opportunities my wonderful clients have provided.